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 Collaborators ~ key Peeps!


André Montague

Delightful melody contribution and vocals for Not For Babies and Feats of Mediocrity

André Montague resides in Seattle and is currently working on solo projects. He was the lead vocalist and second keyboardist for Kenny G for ten years (1985 to 1995). His smooth and magical singing can be heard on the albums Gravity (1985), Silhouette (1988), and In America (1995).

curt harping at houston benefit (2).jpg

Curt Golden

Delightful harmonica on Biggie Blanket

Curt Golden is from Seattle, where he teaches guitar and performs. Growing up in Virginia he studied piano, violin, and cello, before settling on guitar and harmonica after seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. He attended the Berklee College of Music, and played in a number of rock, blues, and jazz bands. In 1985, Curt took part in the first Guitar Craft seminar, presented by guitarist Robert Fripp, and went on to record and tour extensively with The League of Crafty Guitarists, as well as organizing and contributing as an instructor on Guitar Craft and Guitar Circle courses worldwide.

C_7 image0.jpeg

C-7: (a.k.a. C-Bass a.k.a Sebastián Gómez)

Delightful saxophone on Peek A Boo

London-based, Chilean born C-Bass has been involved in music from an early age first as an aspiring guitarist and more recently as a saxophone player. He has been involved in several courses and activities of Guitar Craft and the Guitar Circle where he met MB and Chris. Right now He is part of the ska-metal combo Redeemon (@redeemon_skacore on IG).


Taylor Sherman

Delightful bass on Baby Rights and vocals on It's Time to Change Your Diaper

Taylor Sherman is a musician living in Seattle. As a member of the Seattle Guitar Circle, Taylor has taken part in hundreds of performances in the Seattle area since 2000, with the bulk of those as part of the Tuning the Air ensemble. Additionally, Taylor has performed and toured with The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists in the US and Europe. While all of that was done using acoustic guitars in Guitar Craft Standard Tuning, Taylor's first and favorite instrument is the bass guitar. 


Steve Turnidge

Delightful mastering

Steve Turnidge is a noted mastering engineer at UltraViolet Studios. He has hundreds of albums and thousands of licensed music tracks to his credit. With over 30 years experience in the Pro Audio electronics industry, he specializes in mixed digital and analog printed circuit board design.


You can find Steve Turnidge at many music events around Seattle. Find our more about him at


Meleah Gibson

Delightful vocals on It's Time To Change Your Diaper and Baby Rights

Meleah Gibson is based in Seattle. She is a painter and lighting designer. She designed lighting for Tuning the Air for each of the band's 200 plus performances from 2005 to 2012. In 2012, she and Chris created a vibrant venue for music and art with their Seattle Creative Arts Center. The SCAC hosted a wide-variety of events, performances, and classes. In 2018, the Gibsons turned their attention to focus on music education for all ages with first Market Street Music School and now Chris Gibson Music.


Michelle Poston

Delightful band logo design and album artwork

Michelle has always been in love with the art, design, history and natural environment of the world. Her years overseas with the US Navy exposed Michelle to the cultural arts of Asia and the Middle East, while her training in drawing, graphic design, fiber arts and history have allowed her to excel at creating art. Her artwork is inspired by traditional methods of illustration combined with her own detailed observations and imagination. More of Michelle's artwork maybe be found and enjoyed at

Pablo Mandel

Delightful CD graphic art assistance

Born in Argentina in 1970, Pablo graduated from Buenos Aires University in 1995 with a degree in Graphic Design, and is a Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada ( His book designs have been published worldwide and won several awards, including the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects’ National Merit Award 2011 for Grounded, and for Moving Landscapes (2016); and the Bookbuilders West’s Certificate of Excellence (Image-driven trade books, 2009, 2010, 2011). His book design for the YUL-MTL: Moving Landscapes project was honoured with the Canadian Society and Landscape Architecture 2016 Award of Excellence, Research and Communication category. Last but not least: Pablo is an artist, a musician, a husband and a father. Find out more about him and his work here:


Emilie Verbinnen

Delightful website design

Emilie Verbinnen studied Arts and received her Baccalauréat in Fine Arts (French high school diploma). She then obtained then associate's degree in Graphic design from Formagraph, a French design school in Besancon. She worked in this field for 8 years. Since moving to the US she has offered a range of graphic and interior design services. She currently resides in Florida and has three children.


The Kids

Delightful vocals on It's Time to Change Your Diaper and Baby Rights

Charlie (far right) also contributed the chord progression for It's All Worth It. Kaden (middle) also contributed the rhythm to What Are Your Super Powers? and melody for I Do. Nina (far left) contributed gentleness throughout the project.

Shanna photograph 2021.jpg

Shanna Raye Paxton

Delightful band photography

Shanna has been practicing photography for over 15 years. She is a 4th generation entrepreneur and an immigrant from South Africa. She studied photography for 5 years in her hometown then took her gap year abroad au pairing for a family in Seattle. She lives in Olympia, Washington. You can find out more about Shanna at

Duck sketches 2.JPG

Family & Friends

Delightful support

You know who you are! Special mentions: Jordan Wright (MB's voice teacher; her website is here), Genevieve DuPuy (whose words inspired "Feats"), and Tom Redmond.


Special, special, special, special, special mentions: Our parents!

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