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What's Important to Us

Delightful Angst creates music for everyone. We believe Black Lives Matter. We support those in the LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, (questioning), intersex, asexual, and (agender)) community. We believe in worldwide social justice. We believe in honoring, respecting, and valuing the diversity of cultures we have in the human family. We believe in caring for Earth and addressing global climate change. We believe in human rights and that these include a right to clean air and water, education, healthcare, and to be treated with dignity and fairness. 

We believe all of the arts are immensely important to sustaining human beings, especially kiddos! 

We dig science and appreciate our scientists who work diligently with peer-review to provide us with so much great stuff -- electronics, cars, new fangled devices, medical breakthroughs, vaccines, new ideas for solving large-scale problems -- like climate change, and the list goes on.

We believe in using your words. Good communication -- with clarity and kindness -- is key to solving just about every problem there is. Imagination and creativity also help!

And we believe if you are really stuck, write a song about it! 

This statement that will keep evolving. Change is good. Feedback is welcome.

The Live Band

Delightful Angst will take the stage on Sunday, July 10th at Cafe Racer Seattle! The show goes from 7 to 10 pm. The live band is Mary Beth Abel, Taylor Sherman, Curt Golden, Carl Marti Germain, and Michelle Brayson! Stay tuned for more details! You may pay your cover charge in advance in our shop! Proof of vaccination will be checked at the door. The first part of the evening will be our CD Release performance and then we will dance, dance, dance with Haus of Sound


Michelle Brayson

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